PALAVRA is one of the main PR agencies in Brazil.

At the speed of the digital era, we develop campaigns combining all media, influencers marketing and content to help our clients reach their audiences on any platform.

Communication is in expantion and we are helping build this future, creating new formats and strategies for a world in constant transformation.

PALAVRA has built since 1998 a solid relationship with the national and international press, taste makers and digital influencers.

The agency team is connected, committed, dynamic and creative. Ready to point out the best solution in communications for brands and events.

With a modern vision of strategic communication, PALAVRA creates opportunities and suggests actions, events, attitudes and concepts to generate news and relevance on all platforms.

Based in Rio de Janeiro, PALAVRA is a global PR agency, with a solid know-how in creating solutions for big clients throughout Brazil and abroad.

With a diversified portfolio, PALAVRA has national and international clients, such as television channels, cinema and TV producers and exhibitors, art galleries, hotels, as well as some of the most important cultural events in Brazil: shows, festivals, films and arts exhibitions. Some of our clients are: San Franscisco Travel Association (California, USA), Design Hotels, Canal Brasil channel, UCI Cinemas, film and TV producers such as Paris Entertainment, Morena Filmes, Media Bridge, Ananã Produções, Inffinito and Raccord, studio, CAL - Casa das Artes in Laranjeiras.

If you’d like to receive our detailed portfolio or a business proprosal, please e-mail us at

Before founding PALAVRA, the journalist Cristina Rio Branco worked in Jornal do Brasil newspaper from 1992 to 1996. She was a special reporter and editor of arts and culture, economy and tourism. Cristina left JB after an invitation from O Dia newspaper, where she held the position of television and culture editor until 1997.

In 2003, André De Biase, journalist with a postgraduation in Marketing and an MBA in Business Management at Fundação Getúlio Vargas, joined PALAVRA de after 14 years working on Globo TV, the biggest television network in Latin America.

PALAVRA has highly qualified professionals on its team. Our professionals have worked as journalists and are highly experienced in the relation with media, understanding their needs to guarantee the best results. If you’d like to work with us please send us your CV at

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